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M A CRAFTS INDIA is a company of the people who are perfect craftsmen and genuine manufacturer of so many products.We are pleased to introduce about M A CRAFTS INDIA Is a Manufacturer Exporter & Wholesale Supplier of Horn, Bone ,Wood, resin , Handmade Indian Handicraft items as Drinking Horn mug , Horn mug with Thor hammer engraving , Horn shot glass ,Drinking horn with brass rim , Leather Holder for drinking horn , Drinking horn iron stand ,Drinking horn, Vikng drinking horn, Horn spoon, Horn fork , Buffalo horn bowl, Buffalo horn roll, Bone paper folder ,Horn folder, Wood folder, Resin photo frame, Ram horn scale , Bone scales, Ram horn scales, Resin Scales, Wood Scales, Finished sheep horn , Raw sheep horn, Raw cow horn, Raw buffalo horn , Raw goat horn , Polished goat horn , Leather strip for drinking horn, Bone roll , Horn cutlery , Horn and Bone Salad Set Servers, dog chew for dog food , Shoe horn , Horn tip handles, Horn & Bone Photo frame ,Resin Beads, Resin jewellery ,Real Shoe horn, Drinking Horn, Real Polished Horn, Horn Plates, Real Horn Dishes, Horn Blanks, Horn Buttons, Bone Beads, Bone Plates, Bone Blanks, Horn Whistle, Bone Handicraft, , MDF Handicraft, Wooden Bangles, Wooden handicrafts, Wooden Jewellery Boxes, Wooden Photo Frames, Wooden bowl , Jute bags ,Bone guitar parts, Powder Horn , Wooden Incense Holders, Wooden Smoking Pipes, Real Horn Comb,Neem wooden comb, Rosewood wood comb ,Bone inlay tray , Bone inlay coaster, Wooden shoe horn , Fancy Photo Frames, Horn Bone Inlay Jewellery boxes, Wooden Coasters, Seashell Bangles, Hooves and Horn Powder, Cattle Bone Powder, Washed cow tail hair, Buffalo Tail hair bristles , Horn, Bone , Buffalo tail Hair,
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비즈니스 유형
제조업체, 거래 회사, 유통업체/도매업체
주력 제품총 직원
11 - 50 People
총 연간 수익
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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공장 규모
5,000-10,000 square meters
공장 국가/지역
Sarai Tareen Sambhal
생산 라인 수
계약 제조
Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered
연간 출력 값
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

R&D 역량

연구 및 개발

5 - 10 People